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  • Commercial Refrigeration Range Australia Wide

    • Cater Equipment Supplies Bromics Commercial Refrigeration Range Australia Wide.
    • Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Canberra  for your Cafe, Restaurants, Hotel, Pub, Take Away, Food manufacturing plants, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc.
    • . We have a extensive range of refrigerated cake and food displays, including free standing, square for your front of house situations in your Cafes and Restaurants. The free standing units have anti fogging capacity to keep you display clear at all times for your customers best view of the product you are displaying for sale
    • For all your Commercial Fridges Commercial Freezers Gold Coast Brisbane needs including Your commercial kitchens can use the storage capacity and tray options of our horizontal food service underbar and upright storage refrigerators
    • Our refrigerated horizontal underbars units and work benches come with solid or glass doors to store products between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius and display your products in your bars and kitchens with one. two, three or four door units. These come with inbuilt compressors and remote units, stainless steel tops which you can work off reducing stainless steel benching.
    • Sandwich bars, Pizza bars and make benches with storage refrigeration under that can have sneeze guards for health reasons. They come in different sizes ranging from 1200mm wide to 2400mm wide and 600mm to 750mm deep. They fit 1/3 size Gastronorm pans up to 150mm deep made all with stainless steel finish or a white colorbond manufactured  by Skope, Williams or Fralu
    • Freezers can come in upright glass and solid door units along with chest freezers. Ice Cream freezers come with solid tops and glass top displays, with sliding doors and sneeze guards to serve over.  Ics Pacific, Williams, Skope and Fralu are our main brand names
    • Blast Chillers and Freezers are used by Chefs and business owners and they have the capability to chill or freeze any product quickly, saving business’ time and money by ensuring their product loses minimum yield and retains the same great quality taste when regenerated in an oven.
    • You can now efficiently and effectively prepare and serve your product.
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