Cake Display Fridges

  • Style options for Cake Display Fridges are counter top. free standing upright or tower cake display fridges. We also have straight glass or curved glass cake display fridges.
  • Cake Display Fridges cabinets are generally finished in stainless steel with interior lighting, shelves and rear sliding door for easy serving. Bright lighting and glass make the most of product visibility. Convenient sizes and shapes will suit your counter top space requirements ranging in volume from 120L to 240L.
  • For maximum visibility and to showcase your food and cakes our counter top Cake Display Fridges fridges are modern attractive designs and we will have a size and shape to suit your products with custom designed curved or straight glass fronts. Sizes are up to 240L or small and compact to suit your situation.
  • Refrigeration features to keep the food display optimal are auto defrost, defogging, thermostatic control and consistent temperature throughout the unit. Finish is stainless steel interior with shelving. Units operate with low noise.
  • Tower Display

  • If you require a Tower Display style we have cake and food fridges finished in stainless steel, ivory or black with glass and sizes to suit your needs. You can have 3 or 4 glass sided models and our Tower Display Fridges are designed for maximum visibility of your food display. Features of tower display fridges include thermostatic temperature control, LED lighting and adjustable shelving.
  • You can also select Freezer models and Bottle Display models in Tower display styles with similar features and designs.
    Your requirements may be best suited to free standing cake and food display fridge cabinets which we have in sizes and designs to showcase your food. Styles and designs are made for maximum visibility. These come with straight glass designs and adjustable shelving. These are designed to make loading and serving efficient with easy access and have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Free standing display fridges

  • Free standing display fridges come with triple pane and insulated glass on all sides and rear doors, adjustable shelving, coved interiors and castors. Refrigeration is fan forced evaporative cooling with anti fog feature and is contained in bottom mounted cabinet.
  • Hot food cabinets come in modern stylish designs with stainless steel exterior in different sizes and with 3 -4 shelves. Interior is finished in stainless steel with coved surfaces and hot air cycling. They are easy to access with sliding doors, easy to clean and maintain. A large volume stainless steel storage tank on the cabinet bottom and castors are included.
  • Display fridges with 4 shelves and curved glass fronts are stylish and will showcase your cakes and food and come in a choice of sizes.
  • For display of hot food we have heated glass food display cabinets with a choice of sizes in stylish designs with 4 shelves and curved glass front.
  • Food display cabinets from Cater Equip will maximise your product visibility and merchandising options, maintain food quality and be a stylish addition to your premises.
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