Upright Display Fridge – 960L – 2 Doors – Flat Glass – Cassett...

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Upright Display Fridge – 960L – 2 Doors – Flat Glass – Cassett...

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Suitable for Perishables

The fridge is suitable for storage of perishable drinks and food; with 3M1 climate class.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The Cassette System allows for simple on-site maintenance; minimising downtime.

Maximum Brand Exposure

Customisable illuminated lightbox offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand and attract customers’ attention.

Excellent Product Presentation

High-impact LED internal lighting on each side ensures that your products are perfectly illuminated; making them look their best and enticing customers to make a purchase.

Customisable Display

With 5 adjustable shelves; you can easily customise the layout to accommodate drinks or items of different sizes and shapes.

Reduced Condensation

The double-glazed glass self-closing doors reduce heat keeping condensation at bay and ensuring your products are clearly visible.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Reduce your energy consumption and operating costs; while also minimising your environmental impact thanks to natural refrigerant.

Precise Temperature Control

The digital temperature controller and display allow you to easily set and maintain the ideal temperature for your products; ensuring their freshness and quality.

Easy to Move and Place

With lockable castors; you can easily move and position the fridge wherever it best suits your floor layout.

Dimensions 690 × 1200 × 2080 cm


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